Propects Of Doing MBA By Grade – B College

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The higher education system of India gaining importance over the last few years. Indian higher education system is the third-largest in the world, next to the United States and China. Accreditation for higher learning is overseen by 12 autonomous institutions established by the University Grants Commission. MBA is one of the well – known and sought after master degrees in management as management is spiral bone of any business importance of MBA gaining more attention.

MBA covers the study of almost all functional areas of a business or Industries day by day the segment of specialization of MBA increasing in a competitive manner. We regularly keep hearing about lots of new business schools as well as new specialization. Which brings us to one of the most important questions: What are the career prospects of MBA in a certain field? To address this question we look at the few of the core fields that you can specialize in.

MBA in Marketing

Marketing describes a fundamental approach to general management decision-making and a necessary set of business functions. It includes promotion of the brand, learning of consumer behavior, promotion management and selling strategy, etc. Every well – known company requires a marketing manager in order to look after various marketing operations like supposing the sales team, manage the brands, come up with promotional events, and generally create more awareness and visibility to the company. An MBA in marketing will get you a job as a marketing manager or an equivalent post in a reputed company.

However, it is essential to pursue MBA from a reputed business school to be able to get hired by one of the top brands. On the other hand MBA from one of the Grade – B colleges will get you a job in sales initially and then you can try to move the marketing role at a later stage. Product manager, Brand manager as well as public relation manager are in demand these days top recruiters often turned to the top institute for hiring.

MBA in Finance

Financial management plays a significant role in order to run a business in a specific manner. An MBA in finance will get you into one of the reputed companies in a role anywhere from that of an analyst until the role of the financial executive. An MBA in finance from a reputed business school will get you a job in a capacity of Finance Manager, Financial Analyst, executive officer, and another such role.

However, if you pursue MBA from a Grade – B colleges will get in a job in the sub-specialization area of finance like accounts executive, derivatives and investment, etc. then you try to move to top levels of financial management.

MBA in Human Resource

An MBA in Human Resource if you pursue a well-known institute will get you a job as an HR Manager. Well-known companies have an HR department and hire an HR executive and HR Manager. HR involves managing processes like recruitment, designing retention programs coming up with reward structure to keep employees motivated.

On the other hand, pursue MBA form a Grade – B college could not make you an attractive candidate for those higher-paying, upper-management jobs. Eligibility for certification, such as those you can earn through the HR Certification Institute, often require a degree and experience from a reputed institute.

MBA in Operational Management

Operations Management is basically concerned with managing and reducing the costs of operations of the business so that it reflect in the bottom line of the organization. So most of the jobs are about process improvement, process development, etc. Also, many jobs are offered for technology consulting fields like ERP consulting and functional consulting. Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Demand & Supply planning are some of the profiles that are most sought after. Few get opportunities in the Analytics business as well. An MBA from a reputed Business school in operation management generally gets you a job in production-oriented companies. You can expect to get hired by manufacturing firms, FMCG companies, and other such companies.

MBA In Information Technology

An MBA in IT equips with you with skills to help you design and implement the latest technology as per the requirements of the firm you work for. Pursuing an MBA in IT is helpful in learning to manage and plan tasks related to advancements in technology and in turn helping the company be at par with other leading companies in a similar field.

These are the major aspects of specialization in MBA. However, more than 40 specialization of MBA  is available in India.

Grade – B Colleges Vs. Grade – A Colleges

However, the most obvious benefit of doing an MBA from a leading business school leads to the higher salary and position in the organization in comparison to Grade – B Colleges. Top Business schools enable a student to learn better and efficiently by giving them time to guidance and advance study functionalities. These types of institutions usually have a good link with the reputed organization in order to give better placement to their students it often leads to the better carrier of the students. On the other hand, Grade – B colleges provide the same certification but their criteria for teaching and other facilities are quite different or less accurate than top-class colleges. The only view to judge the standard of top-class colleges and grade – B colleges is the services and educational system provided by them.

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